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Electronic Repair

ACS detects the failures related to electronic cards of the industrial devices and repairs them.

Failures of electronic cards that provide the mechanical movements of industrial products and synchronization between their power units cause great economic and work power losses in a short time. ACS detects failures in electronic control and power cards of the industrial equipment and fixes them in the fastest way possible. With its experience in electronic card repair, ACS offers stable, precise, robust and durable solutions.

Mechanical Repair

ACS detects the mechanical failures of the industrial devices and repairs them.

The failures of industrial machinery and equipment generally occur in moving parts and connections. Using modern techniques and equipment for the repair of mechanical failures in the industrial environment, ACS detects and repairs mechanical failures of industrial machinery. ACS detects the defective mechanical parts of the machines and replaces them in the quickest and most effective way, or provides the most effective repairing solutions to the customers.

Automation Systems

ACS develops and commissions automation systems according to the requirements of the enterprises.

To achieve maximum output with faster production and lower labor is vital for production plants. Faulty products arising from the human factor, and the detection of these faults, can be done much faster and more effectively by using machines. Production automation is now an obligation for businesses in the era of machines. ACS develops automation systems that accelerate the operation of production plants and provide more efficient and error-free production with less labor.

Revision and Development

ACS carries out revisions of existing industrial machines and improves them with additional features.

The durable operation and providing effective service of machinery and equipment in the production plants can only be possible by regular periodical maintenance. The periodic maintenance and improvement activities of the machinery provide a longer service, higher utility and more economical use. ACS provides periodic maintenance of existing machinery and equipment, as well as engineering services related to modernization of machines. ACS carries out revisions of the machinery as well as enhancing the speed and capacity of the machines through improving and developing activities by benefiting from this experience. Thanks to ACS's industrial machine modernization services, additional features are added to the machines instead of replacing them thus, money and time is saved.

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