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ACS Elektronik is an engineering company founded in April 2003 in Kartal/İSTANBUL for the development, improvement, repair, and maintenance of automation systems. ACS Electronics offers permanent, guaranteed and affordable solutions for industrial electrical devices and machines. It ensures the sustainability of production lines by providing analytical solutions to the failures of the machines and systems.

ACS made radical changes in 2006 to consolidate and institutionalize its infrastructure. After registering its brand name, ACS Elektronik aimed to strengthen its corporate structure by expanding its production plant in 2007 in order to provide services in better quality. ACS Elektronik has been operating in production plant with 240m2 of indoor area, including 80m2 of high ceiling workshop area, 80m2 of administrative section and office area, 80m2 of low ceiling warehouse and mess hall, since 2007.


#We offer the following solutions;

  • Establishing and developing automation systems for the companies.
  • Detecting and repairing defective electrical devices and electronic cards.
  • Implementing projects to provide renewal and to increase the capacities of the machines with systematic deficiencies.
  • Providing support to other authorized services in terms of the fault analysis.
  • Providing the enterprises with the machinery, equipment, and materials they need.
  • Providing commissioning services for the newly purchased devices.

#The major sectors we serve are as follows;

  • Packaging (Eminis, Bericap, Pakset, Ustun Plastik).
  • Heavy Industry (Borusan Mannesmann, HDM Celik Boru, Noksel Boru).
  • Industrial Automation and Building Automation(Siemens, Moeller, SCS).
  • Shipbuilding(TVK Tersanesi, Desan Tersanesi, Kalkavan Grup).
  • Food (Halk Ekmek, Real, Carrefour).
  • Drugs (Deva Holding, Osel Ilac, Biofarma, Sandoz Syntec).
  • Hotel (Ciragan Palace Kempinski, Titanic Resort Antalya).
  • Automotive (Delphi, Sa-Ba, Electricfil Unifil Otomotiv).
  • Textile (Özcanlar Tekstil, Zorlu Holding, Altınyıldız).
  • Telecommunications (Vodafone).
  • White Goods Subsidiary Industry (Prettl Endustri, Kabel).
  • Public Institutions (Kartal Kosuyolu Yuksek Ihtisas Egitim Ve Arastirma Hastanesi, İ.T.U.)

ACS Elektronik Ltd.

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